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Johannsen Short Action

Johannsen Kurz

M 98 Short Actions are among the rarest to be found pre-WWII M 98 models. They were originally developed for use with cartridges such as 8x51 Mauser. 

However, the era of short rifle cartridges did not begin until after WWII. The dimensions of the .308 Winchester cartridge have now virtually become the standard measurements for what is considered a short bolt action system, regardless of its manufacturer.
In the course of the last 20 years, rimless short Magnum cartridges such as .270 and .300 WSM have become increasingly popular, boosting the importance of M 98 Short Actions. Within the range of M 98 Actions, it is the M 98 Short which covers this segment.
M 98 Short Actions are utilized in order to build rifles that are particularly light and easy to handle. They are particularly suitable for easy-to-handle Stutzen rifles. Weight savings are achieved by using a 33 mm receiver head diameter and a 206 mm action length which also shortens the overall length of these rifles compared with M 98 Medium models.
The double square bridges are sufficiently large to accommodate an integral EAW pivot mount.
Same as on the M 98 Medium, these rifles can be supplied with an adjustable-pull trigger, a set trigger or a double set trigger. Customers can also choose between two safety types. Today's most commonly used type is a three-position firing pin safety with horizontal lever. However, it is also possible to opt for a wing safety.


Action length
206 mm (8.11")

Diameter at the receiver head
33 mm (1.3") (small ring) 

All standard cartridges with a cartridge length of up to 72 mm

Typical cartridge types
.243 Win. .260 Rem., 7 mm-08 Rem., .308 Win., .338 Federal, .270 WSM, 7 mm WSM, .300 WSM, .325 WSM

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