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Johannsen Medium Action

Johannsen Medium

The Johannsen M 98 Medium Action has the dimensions of the traditional standard M 98 action as it was used in millions of military repeating rifles in the past.

While retaining the dimensions of the original, Johannsen's M 98 Medium Actions are of course equipped with all the features making it a superior hunting rifle in practical use. For example, we omitted the thumbcut that can be found on the left hand side of the receiver of military actions. Also, as hunting rifles are operated without the loading clip commonly used with military rifles, they do not need the bulge on the receiver cover which accommodates the loading clip.
The Johannsen M 98 Medium Action features the traditional 36 mm "large ring" receiver head diameter. It comes with a double square bridge perfectly suited for scope mounting. The scope bases can be inserted directly in the square bridges.
The rifles of this series are available with a standard floorplate or with an optional Rigby-type floorplate increasing the magazine capacity by an additional round. They have a standard three-position firing pin safety with horizontal lever. Upon customer request, they are also available with a traditional wing safety as found in the original, provided the rifle will be used without a scope.
Instead of the most commonly used adjustable-pull triggers, set triggers or double set triggers are also available on demand.
One distinct highlight of our range of M 98 Medium Actions is the Titanium version. Besides the advantage of weight reduction, Titanium also offers high corrosion resistance and optimal stability.
The M 98 Medium Actions can also be supplied with a "small ring" receiver head diameter of 33 mm on demand. This solution, modelled after the German G33/40 Gebirgsjäger carbine, is typically used by custom gunmakers for lightweight mountain rifles using standard cartridges such as .270 Winchester.


Action length
227 mm (8.94")

Diameter at the receiver head
36 mm (1.42") (large ring)
(Optional: 33 mm (1.3")  [small ring])

all standard cartridges with a cartridge length of up to 85 mm

Typical cartridge types
6,5x55 Swedish Mauser, 6,5x57, 7x57, 7x64, 8x57 IS, 9,3x62, .25-06 Rem., .270 Win., .30-06 Springf., .338 Win. Mag., .35 Whelen, .300 Win Mag.
More calibres upon request

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