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Johannsen Magnum Action

Johannsen Magnum

While in the 19th century, double barrel rifles and falling-block rifles were the dominant firearm types used for hunting in India and Africa, the M 98 entered the scene as early as 1898, introducing a repeating rifle design.

The M 98 bolt system was quickly taken up by British gunmakers, who supplied the huge market of the British Empire with hunting rifles. Very early, John Rigby Company saw the demand for a bigger 98 action accommodating cartridges up to a length of 95mm. This was why Rigby commissioned Mauser to develop the Original Magnum Mauser 98 bolt system, whose dimensions are perfect for cartridges such as .416 Rigby.

In the 1980s, when the revival of the traditional British big game calibres began, the .416 Rigby repeating rifle was in demand again. As a consequence, there was a growing demand for Magnum actions, and gunmakers started reproducing the M 98 Magnum action.

The actions for Johannsen Big Game Rifles are machined out of a solid block of steel according to the original dimensions of the pre-war Mauser 98 Magnum action. To this day, the M 98 Magnum Action has remained the preferred choice of experienced hunters for African safaris.

Johannsen M 98 Magnum actions are built with integral double square bridges. The front and rear square bridges permit exceptional scope stability. In order to allow the scope to be mounted as low as possible, Johannsen M 98 Magnum actions have a three-position safety with horizontal lever. The action is alternatively available with a traditional wing safety as in the original, provided the rifle will be used without a scope. Most big game hunters prefer an adjustable-pull trigger, which is the standard option in Johannsen big game rifles, too. Of course, set triggers are also available on demand.

One of the most decisive factors in big game hunting is the rifles magazine capacity. This is why Johannsen Big Game Rifles are available with a standard floorplate or with an optional Rigby-type dropped floorplate. Due to its special design, the Rigby-type floorplate increases the magazine capacity to hold an additional round.

Available types of finish are classical blueing, nitriding, or colour case hardening. Other types of coating are available on demand.

Another important aspect is stock design. There are two decisive factors to be taken into account. On the one hand, the stock has to help control recoil, and on the other hand, it has to allow the shooter to acquire the target as fast as possible when taking aim. The most popular design for safari rifles is the stock with straight comb.  It allows the drop to be optimally adapted, depending on the sight system - rifle scope or open sight. The universal solution here is working with the average value. 



Action length
234 mm (9.2")

Diameter at the receiver head
36 mm (1.42") (large ring)

all standard calibres starting from a cartridge length of approx. 91mm.

Typical cartridge types
.338 Lapua, .375 H&H Magnum, .416 Rigby, .450 Rigby, .458 Lott, .404 Jeffery, .378 Weath. Magnum, .416 Weath. Magnum, .460 Weath. Magnum, .500 Jeffery, .505 Gibbs.
More calibres upon request

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