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Johannsen Falling Block

based on a Hagn-System

Johannsen Blockbüchse

Falling-Block rifles were among the most important rifle types when metal cartridges (loaded with black powder at first) revolutionized firearm construction in the second half of the 19th century.

While the early falling-block action rifles still had an external hammer, falling blocks with an internal hammer became popular at the end of the 19th century. Due to their compact actions, these rifles are particularly easy to handle and are still very popular among dedicated hunters looking for a high quality hunting rifle.They are produced both as individually manufactured rifles or as industrial series. One of the main advantages of the falling block actions is that cartridge length does not have any influence on the length of the action.

Some years ago, we started manufacturing our popular Johannsen Falling-Block Rifles individually and strictly to customers' specifications. They are based on a modified Hagn action which Martin Hagn manufactures according to our specifications.

The trigger plate and the strap of the action are integrated in the receiver and are linked by the cross bolt, which also contains the screw socket for the buttstock bolt. The breech block moves vertically in the receiver, behind the chamber. The hammer and firing pin are located in the breech block. The locking lever also serves as trigger guard. it is pulled downward to move the breech block into the lowered position, which exposes the rear end of the chamber to allow ejection of the fired case and reloading of an unfired cartridge. The lever axis is below the receiver, ahead of the breech block. When the breech block is pulled downward, the striker is pivoted backward and cocked. Cased in a guide tube, the spiral striker spring is pushed downward and preloaded. Bringing the breech block back to the top (closed) position will fully load the striker spring. The guide tube holding the striker spring is now midway between the strap of the action and the trigger plate. Plate.

The safety is a small knurl located on the strap of the action. When in safe-position, it blocks the adjustable trigger. One of the Hagn design's most preeminent characteristics is its absolute minimum number of construction elements, which greatly enhances operational reliability. Each additional part can be an additional source of malfunction in practical use. Our falling-block rifles are known to be among the safest and most reliable rifles for extreme hunting conditions.

We offer a range of stock wood categories for our Johannsen Falling-Block Rifles. Other optional and custom features include case hardening of the action, barrel length and contour, optics, and of course high-end artisan engravings.  

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