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Reimer Johannsen GmbH

We start where others stop!


(f.l.t.r.: Dirk Johannsen, Reimer Johannsen)

Reimer Johannsen GmbH was founded in 1968 by Master Gunmaker Reimer Johannsen after he had finished his apprenticeship with Sig Sauer in Eckernförde and gathered work experience with gunmaking companies in Lippstadt and Ferlach.

The workshop has always been one of the centres of the company's activities. From the very start, we manufactured customized repeating rifles on the basis of existing M 98 military actions to customers' specifications. When at the end of the 1990s, the first Magnum actions from new production entered the market, we started using and selling these. However, it soon became apparent that not all action sizes were available in the necessary quality. This is why we started producing actions ourselves. Today, our customers can choose from 4 different action sizes and several types of steel to find the action which will exactly match the cartridge they wish to use.

Besides the production of M 98 actions, we also launched a Johannsen falling block action produced in cooperation with Martin Hagn.

Company activities also include the following areas:

  • Import and export of reloading components and equipment
  • Handgun tuning 
  • Trade in hunting and sporting rifles in our own shop.

In 2003, Reimer Johannsen passed the family business on to his son Dirk who is also a gunsmith. The company has thus entered its second generation and its operation is still based on the same principles that have made our success for the past 50 years:  Honesty, reliability and "We start where others stop!" 

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